HOT! Four Best Positions To Give Her G-Spot climax Everytime

Saturday, 25 March 2017

HOT! Four Best Positions To Give Her G-Spot climax Everytime

Photo Credits: Women's Health
Women can actually have seven different types of climax, but the spot most common ones are vaginal and clitoral.

While the clitoral is a lot easier to achieve for most women, the vaginal, or G-spot climax is the elusive O we are always trying to reach.

The G-spot is a small, spongy area located around two or three inches into the v**ina on the front vaginal wall.

So fellas who like to use jelqing – a dangerous technique to make your man-hood longer – need not as your man-hood doesn’t need to be that long to give her one of these orgasms.

However, the G-spot climax doesn’t come easy.

In fact, 80% of women have trouble reaching intercourse from vaginal intercourse alone.

Yet, there are some steps you can take to heighten both of your chances of giving her a G-spot climax and along with steps, there are four specific positions that are most likely to tip her over the edge.

1. Girl on top

When the girl is on top, if she tilts her body back slightly this allows the pressure of his man-hood to push up against her vaginal wall which is where the G-spot is located.

2. Doggy style

The best position for achieving that elusive climax, it allows the man to penetrate deeper than most other positions

3. The Anvil

The anvil is perfect for women who like to be dominated during s*x. The women needs to lie on her back, raise her legs in the air and use her hands to pull her legs toward herself.

The man will be on his knees and lean over her so she can rest her ankles on his shoulders, which will allow for extra deep penetration.

4. The Jockey

A variation of doggy, in this position, the woman lies on her stomach with her bottom raised. The man then straddles her and enters her from behind.

As the man can penetrate with a lot of force, this position is great for those who climax from passionate or rough s*x.

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