Sunday 22 November 2015

Woman Buys Up an Entire Toy Store, Donates Everything to Homeless Kids [VIDEO}

This is how to show generosity. Carol Suchman is fond of donating toys to some of New York City’s poorest children. This year, she happened to be walking past the shuttered Hudson Party Store in the city’s West Village and had an idea.

She decided to approach the store’s owner and make a deal. She bought everything inside.

Photo: Kanye West, John Legend takes their pregnant wives to dinner

It was all a special day for both pregnant Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen as their husbands, Kanye West and John Legend threats them to a special dinner in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

See more photos from their outing ...

Amber Rose Launches New Clothing Line ... Guess it Name?

No stopping her ... Amber Rose is taking her message of women’s empowerment to the next level. But the only thing is that we all know what "slut" means.

After holding her SlutWalk in Los Angeles earlier this year, Amber’s continuing the conversation of double standards women face in regards to their sexuality by launching a new line of apparel.

#KogiDecides: Observer Group Lauds Early Arrival Of Election Materials

A Transition Monitoring Group, TMG, Quick Count, on Saturday said 75 per cent of the polling units in the Kogi governorship election had witnessed early arrival of election officials and materials.

The group’s spokesperson, Armsfree Ajanaku, made the observation in a report issued to journalists in Lokoja by the group’s spokesperson, Armsfree Ajanaku.

It said INEC personnel and materials arrived 75 per cent of the polling units across the state by 7:30 a.m.