Saturday 10 September 2016

Kim Kardashian steps out braless in a Sheer Top (Photos)

Kim Kardashian has once again let loose her boobs as she left her New York apartment testerday wearing a sheer top and ditching the bra. 

Unbelievable! N*ked Witch spotted with her broom after Crash-landing during 'Operation'

The shocking photos of a flying witch which crash-landed in a local community have proven that witchcraft is real and the myths that they fly on broomsticks are also true.

According to gistmania, some photos of an alleged witch who crash-landed during the early hours of Friday, leading to her getting caught, is circulating on social media. 

Lol! Someone please tell me whose sister is this?

... She sure has a lovely skin but is that the best place to take a picture? And that pose, though ... Lol

Say What | Checkout This Hilarious 1960 Nigerian Novelette Titled “Beware Of Women”

So there is this book that was written sometime in 1960 and it is titled "Beware of Women" ... I can imagine what you are already thinking ... But read on

Mariah Carey Shares eye-popping Photos of Herself Covered in Only Soap Suds

Mariah Carey, 46, shared a few eye-popping shots on Thursday morning to show her fans how she relaxes after a long day at the recording studio.

The photos she shared showed her in the bath covered up in soap suds. She captioned one of the photos thus: 

Just to Look Like A Reptile you won't believe WHAT this transgender woman has DONE!

In an attempt to look like a rattlesnake, this transgender woman has cut off her ears, shaved her nose and had scales tattooed all over her body. How about taking off your legs and start crawling on your belly, Lol? Pls read on, the story is making me he has lots of money to spend on surgery that's while he can attempt to be a snake or even dragon self #Hiss

Dragon Lady Eva Tiamat Baphoment Medusa who likes to refer to as it, like a snake would be – has spent the last 20 years attempting to look more like a reptile.

Dwindling Economy | They have started stealing Gas cylinder ... (Read Story)

This current Nigeria economy isn't one to joke about at all ... From stealing money to stealing clothes then stealing the pot of soups now they have moved to stealing gas cylinder ... This is serious!

A victim has narrated her ordeal. The woman who complained bitterly about the hard economic situation narrated how her gas was stolen and begged the thief to return it.

This Lady said, “Beyonce Can Go Against God & Win” ... Nigerians gave her smackdown

Just because of cheap publicity some people would go on online and say whatever they like. How dare you relate Beyonce to God, I need to have a 'cane' here to flog such remarks.

Anyway, glad I have everyone in support of me for this, nobody saw anything positive from what she said, rather they all slammed her for her stupid remarks.

See reactions below:

After 13 Sons, this Couple won’t stop trying until they have a daughter (PHOTOS)

Irineu Cruz and wife Jucicleide Silva have been trying for a little girl for almost 20 years and they’ve only managed to add more boys to the family.

The couple have a brood ranging from one month to 18-years-old – but the couple say they won’t stop trying until a girl arrives.

During Jucicleide Silva’s first pregnancy, the couple agreed that the dad would name the boys and Mum, the girls. But the couple has since christened all 13 boys after famous footballers, all beginning with the letter R.

Say What | See the type of Men this Lady is SERIOUSLY Praying to God For

At first, I was thinking she was going to be praying for someone as rich or cute as them, but while is she so interested in their beards? Do ladies really love beards this much?

So sweet! Mikel Obi's Daughter takes Cooking lesson from him

Super Eagles Skipper, Mikel Obi shared this photo of himself and one of his twin girls in the kitchen, how lovely.

The proud father shared the photo with the caption:
Cooking with my angel ❤️.

See What Actress Omotola had to say to People who slammed Her Mark Zuckerberg Post

Huh! Omotola is that you on snapchat, or a Mercy-Johnson Lookalike? Anyways, our own delectable Actress Omotola aka Omosexy wasn't happy that the Facebook CEO visited the country and did not pay her a visit given that she has one of the highest page likes on the Social network in Nigeria.

Some of her fans came for her stating that she’s feeling too important and all… Well, she reads some of those comments and has something to say about it.

Zara Founder, Amancio Ortega overtook Bill Gates as World Richest Man

Yesterday, Forbes announces that Zara founder, Amancio Ortega is now richer than Microsoft billionaire co-founder, Bill Gates – at least he was, for a cool two days.

The Spanish retail genius who started Zara, passed Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world on Wednesday and Thursday before Gates reclaimed the title Friday morning.