Saturday 18 April 2015

Huh! Amber Rose is that You? .... Amber Rose debut New Look

I didn't even recognise this is Amber Rose, maybe because we knew her too well on short dye hair

No Country is An Island of Its Own: South Africans You all Need to See This #XenophobicAttacks

We don't even need to bring this out for those callous South Africans to see what other countries have done to help their economy

What is wrong with this Photo that Michael Buble is been criticize for?

Actually I saw this post from a feed yesterday and I just ignored it as I never saw anything wrong about what this Canadian Singer Michael Buble did, but today some of my blog colleague drew my attention to it so here I am making the post ... At first I wasn't sure it was because of the lady Michael took the picture but on a closer look you will see why he actually took the picture, to show us what the little girl is wearing .... And this did not go well with some set of fans who came after Michael that is obviously someones daughter ...

See the Picture of a 15yrs Old that has got people talking on twitter

Whats your opinion on this photo? A twitter user @justefii uploaded the picture and captioned it my baby is 15 ... And trust twitterians, they got asking question if she is truely 15yrs and if she is, is this dress appropriate for a 15yrs old? I guess she couldn't take the questions anymore she has to take down the post ... But what is your take on the picture? See the post from her below ...

Kylie Jenner put her butt on display in skimpy bikini

The fact that she is just 17yrs and already putting her body on display makes this really funny or should I say interesting ... Kylie Jenner already said she will take over from social media queen and sister Kim Kardashian and isn't she getting there already? Yes she is because getting media attention is all she needs and that is what she is getting right away ... Let wait and see what she starts doing when she turns 18 in August *cross finger*

Mikel Arteta Not Disturbed About His @Arsenal Future

Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta is relaxed about his contract situation with few months left to the end of his current deal.

The Gunners skipper, who moved to north London from Everton in 2011, will become a free agent at the end of the season, but says he is not concerned about is long-term future at the Premier League club.

“In May, when everything is fine, we will sit down and talk and it will take five minutes,” Arteta is quoted as saying by Goal.com.

See South African king whose remarks launched the #XenophobicAttacks

Zulu King Godwill Zwelithi's utterances on March 23rd launched the Zenophobic attacks in South Africa and he had refused to apologize, even after finding out that his people have maimed, killed and destroyed businesses belonging to black foreigners. He's still insisting that foreigners should go back to their countries but tried to save face by saying attacking the foreigners is not how to chase them away. He wants the government to do it legally.

Doyin Okupe expose why he thinks the Chibok Girls where Kidnapped

Read Statement from Presidential Spokesperson which he shared this morning on his Facebook page...
One of the reasons the Chibok girls were kidnapped was to present Jonathan's administration as incompetent and hold it to ransom against 2015 elections.
One of the reasons the BBOG was formed was to sustain and internationalise the embarrassment. One of the reasons President Jonathan lost the election was a national and international conspiracy predicated on this carefully choreographed and assiduously sustained perception. 

John Legend visits Texas prison to promote his FREE AMERICA campaign

Award winning Singer John Legend is taking his campaign to help improve the life of Americans as regard the justice system in Texas very serious, on Thursday he visited a Texas prison to promote his FREE AMERICA campaign.

The 'All of Me' star performed a few songs at the Travis County Correctional Complex following a press conference at the Senate chamber, The Statesmen newspaper reports.

Would you love to see the Spice Girls reunite? There is hope for a 2016 reunion

Do you still remember the famous Spice Girls of the 1990s? Let me refresh your memory, they were Five member British pop girl group formed in 1994 and one of the biggest name that came out from them was Victoria Beckham, wife of the Football Legend David Beckham, O' yeah, now you remember. They are planning to have a reunion performance in the coming year ... Thats a big news to y'all spice girls fan ...

One of the group member Melanie Brown (aka "Scary Spice") has spill out the juice saying the Spice Girls talk a lot about reuniting next year.

Selena Gomez shades critics who says she has added weight

Lol, Selena Gomez has really grown and right now she is no longer in the league of taking peoples advice on what to do for herself. Just recently a picture of Selena frolicking on the beach in a skimpy pink bikini near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico broke out on the internet which she appeared to have added weight and fans criticize her for not taking care of herself. But does she really care of what they say? She was quotted saying I am ''happy'' with her figure.

Selena Gomez seem not to be please on people deciding on how she live her life responded to the negative comments by sharing a photograph of herself wearing a flattering black swimsuit on Instagram. See post below ...

Kelly Osbourne touching tribute to her mom

Isn't Kelly Osbourne such a "mummys" girl? After she had a difficult time making that bold step in quitting Fashion Police, her mom was there for her, supported her and even told the media that her daughter made the right decision in quitting the American Television Series. To show her love for her mom, Kelly Osbourne has spoken profoundly of her saying she ''so proud'' to be Sharon Osbourne's daughter.

Kelly made a touching tribute to her mother in a new book, 'A Letter to My Mom,' by Lisa Erspamer, but admitted she used to be afraid of ''becoming just like'' her mom. She wrote ...

WTF? Photo Showing South Africans attack a Foreigners Shop Why Security Watch & Walk away #XenophobicAttack

It seems there is more to this Xenophobic Attack than what Africans are seeing ... Did you notice these Policemen walking away as South Africans invade a foreigners shop?

Zayn Malik make first red carpet appearance after quitting One Direction

Zayn Malik picture with his mom as his date on a red carpet recently. His first since after quitting boyhood band One Direction. It seems cool on going Solo ... Love that Suits though!