Wednesday 11 March 2015

45 High Ranking PDP Members Suspended For Allegedly Working For Labaran Maku

The Nasarawa State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has suspended indefinitely, 45 members of the party, including elders and founding members, with threats to expel them for allegedly working for the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the state, Mr. Labaran Maku.

The suspension order was conveyed in a letter dated March 5 and signed by the party’s Vice Chairman for Nasarawa-North Zone, Umaru Gwamna Abdullahi.

One of the 45 suspended officers, Kassim Isa, who is the Assistant Director of Publicity for the PDP campaign team, was suspended for allegedly working for his son, who is a candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Akwanga-South as against the PDP candidate, Sunday Chuga.

"I would have cried and crawled off stage" on Madonna falling during the Grammy - Sam Smith

Remember the BRIT Award performance by Madonna and the tragedy that follow it? Yeah she actually fell why trying to take off the cape costume that she had on and now Sam Smith is saying if he was to be the one he would have ''cried and crawled off stage''

Sam also went further to say he would not be able to ''power through'' like Madonna did, when she suffered a nasty fall whilst on stage at the ceremony.

He said: ''I used to fall up the escalator on the tube all the time. I'd do what every guy does and look back as if there's something wrong with the ground.

Eleven Feared Dead in Military Helicopter Crash Off Florida Panhandle

According to gawker report, Seven marines and four soldiers from Eglin Air Force Base are feared dead after a helicopter taking part in a training exercise crashed over the water Tuesday night off the Florida Panhandle.
The training was conducted on a 20-mile strip of land owned by the military since World War II. From the ABC affiliate in Pensacola:

Robbers steal jewels worth millions in France heist

More than a dozen armed men stole millions of dollars worth of jewels from two high-security trucks on a motorway south of Paris overnight, a French police official said on Wednesday.

The robbers held up the trucks at a toll payment station in the Yonne area and drove off in four cars.

Local media said the jewels were worth $9.5m and that the gang used gas to force security transport personnel out of their vehicles.

Nobody was injured in the attack and the trucks had been found burnt out, the police official said.

About 80 Children Yet to Unite with Family Members after been freed from BH Camp cause they can't remember their Identity

Report says there are about 80 children who  are yet to be united with their family due to the fact they cannot remember their names or where they are from after been freed from Boko haram camp in Northern Cameroon by Cameroonian soldiers in November 2014.

A director at US-based National Democratic Institute, Christopher Fomunyoh, gives account and said the children range from 5-18 years of age and do not speak English, French or any local language.

Interesting Article! Group says PDP, APC has spend N4.9b on Campaign Publicity

Ok I have actually been looking forward to this type of article, because when you look at the publicity of the two major rivals in this forth coming election you can't but wonder how much they have actually spent. Although the figures mention here are alleged figure but at least it gives us an insight on what this politicians are spending on just publicity. So it said N4.9 Billion (wa ha la owa!)

Read the rest of the story from PremiumTimes ... 

A civil society organization, Centre for Social Justice, has alleged that the two main political parties in Nigeria – Peoples Democratic Party and All Progressives Congress – are violating the provisions of the Electoral Act in campaign funding.

Such a Doll! Amber Rose Shares Crashing Position after a Tired Day

Awww ..... She is really a doll. I like this *thumbsUp*

Bruce Jenner Transition: Who Do you Think He wants to Look like after Transition, No not Kim!

Ok it's no longer news or even gist that the Step Dad of the Kardashians Bruce Jenner is under going transition to become a woman. If you still don't get, let me break it down, I mean Bruce Jenner a man and father want to become a woman.

Now according to Hollywoodlife, Bruce Jenner is ready to fully become a woman and he has his eyes set on Khloe Kardashian‘s “natural” beauty. In fact, the Kardashian/Jenner patriarch wants to look like her when his transition is finished.

Hilarious! Fans Come For Fashion Blogger Who Try to Indict @LindaIkeji

Just a piece of advice :), before you read this post, I would advice you to listen to this track by MI titled "Bad Belle". It will help you digest the article properly, Lol. First and foremost I am making this post not to take sides (because I usually read from both persons in question here) but just to let us not throw stones to someone just because you see his or her success and many at times, you actually don't see or know the sacrifice he or she has made to attain that height you are seeing. Remember the saying that "success isn't by accident, it is actually planned for". So if someone is successful today, have you taking time to look back how he or she started rather than just hate on him or her?

Actor Johnny Depp injured in Australia while filming Pirates Of The Caribbean

You would remember him by this name "Captain Jack Sparrow" whose real name is Johnny Depp. He has been reportedly injured while filming the continuation of the movie "The Pirates of The Caribbean" in Australia.

According to UK Daily Mail, Johnny Depp has returned to Los Angeles after injuring his right hand on Australia's Gold Coast while filming the latest instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

Read The Murder Note That A 14years Wrote And They are Taking It as a Joke

At first when I read this article I was actually thinking it was just some kids written until naijahousewife drew my attentions to some facts about the note through their post. Yes this kid might just be 14yrs and you would think what can a 14yrs old do?  

But have you ever thought about what about if he or she can do it? For these kind of thought to be conceive and born in a child mind, it means there are some extent of "can do it" already ... So if you might ask me, this is not just a mere joke, is either the kid has a insanity problem or the Police better start an investigation on the matter. 

Prof Wole Soyinka condenms Use Of Vulgar Words In Campaigns, Indicts Presidency

Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka has condemned the crudity of words used by politicians in the ongoing electioneering campaign, describing it as an “uncultured art of political persuasion,” which he said the presidency is guilty of.

Speaking, yesterday, in Lagos at the public presentation of a book titled “Modern and Tradition Elite in the Politics of Lagos” written by Ambassador Patrick Dele Cole, Soyinka also dismissed former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s book, “My Watch”, as “three tonnes of doctored and self-serving narratives”.

What the current political actors have done is to take Nigeria to “hitherto imaginable low in the art of public persuasion which – we have a right to imagine – forms the foundation of political life.”