Friday 12 February 2016

#YeezySeason3: Kanye West t-shirt is a tribute to his mom and Rob Kardashian

Kanye West at Yeezy Season 3 choose to honour his late mother, Donda and also the late father of the Kardashian, but rocking a t-shirt that reads "In loving memory" of a picture of his Mom at the front and that of Robert Kardashian at the back.

Kanye really knows how to do somethings ... This is a brilliant idea, Kim would be so happy for this.

Kanye West lunch his own video as a tribute to his late mom

Kanye West announced during his Yeezy Season 3 show on Thursday, February 11, at New York Fashion Week that he has a video game featuring his beloved late mother, Donda West.

In the video game, Donda is seen ascending into heaven while riding on a pegasus to the tune of West’s song “Only One.” The video game is titled “Only One: The Game.”

Kanye West give his Yeezy Season 3 Models 38 Strict Instructions (SEE HERE)

In preparation for the Yeezy Season 3, yesterday Kanye West unleashed a mega-event on Madison Square Garden with nearly 1,000 models in attendance.

And according to several tweeted and retweeted images of a strict instruction list, it seems Kanye West has given his models for the even 38 rules they must abide with ...

See list below:

Ciara and Beau Russell Wilson practicing abstinence

So there are still some set of Americans that can practice abstinence? And come to think it is between two celebrities that are in love is something to shout about. 

Ciara and Russell Wilson are still holding fast to their beliefs and have yet to get ‘down to business’. While abstinence may come easy to some, Ciara tells Cosmopolitan that it requires a lot of strength and determination.

How’s the whole abstinence thing going? 

PHOTOS: Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Jet Off to NYC

Khloé Kardashian told viewers of her live stream on Wednesday that she’s never missed one of Kanye West’s fashion shows and didn’t plan on missing the Yeezy Season 3 debut, despite her hectic work schedule.

On Wednesday night, Khloé and Lamar Odom hopped aboard a private plane in L.A. and jetted off to NYC in time for Thursday’s Yeezy show.