Saturday 3 December 2016

Nollywood Actress, Mulikat Adegbola Ashabi Iya Adinni Is Dead

Veteran actress, Mulikat Adegbola stage name Ashabi Iya Adinni is dead. The top actress died a few hours ago after a brief illness.

Top Yoruba actor Muyiwa Ademola posted the photo below confirming her demise:

Oh dear! Young boy loses fingers following Qur’anic school teacher’s brutality (Photo)

Musa Amadu, 10, suffered first degree burns on his hands after one Yawale, his teacher at a Qur’anic school in Kura, Kano State, scalded him with hot water, for allegedly, failing to run an errand for him, back in September.

Yawale, had, reportedly, told Amadu to wash his cloth, but the boy gave an excuse that he was sick. Unhappy with his response, Yawale allegedly beat him up, boiled some water and immerse his hands in it.

Family donates funds Nigerians raised to save their daughter’s life to charity after she died

After several months of sourcing for funds for the survival of their child, the Sam family has lost 13-month-old Michelle Sam to Symptomatic Heart Disease.

Michelle was suffering from several heart conditions that lay undetected until she fell sick and was diagnosed of Symptomatic Heart Disease last April.

Later on, the family cried out for help of N6m from the general public for a heart surgery in India. Luckily for them, they met the target and preparation started for the family to fly out the little girl out of the country to begin her treatment.

+18 Article: A rainy afternoon

 was returning from the mall where I went to get stuff to make lunch when the clouds suddenly parted and it was pouring. Thankfully, I was not far from home, I thought, as I tried to navigate through the darkening weather and rain violently hitting my windshield.

I spotted her from afar. She was wearing a cotton white shirt which I thought was a bad idea under the rain. I was right because as I got closer, I noticed her top was completely soaked and I could see through the fabric to her dark-coloured bra. I decided to be a gentleman and parked.

“Do you need a ride?” I called out, winding down the glass on the passenger’s side. She quickly nodded and I unlocked the door.

Wharisdis! See the throwback photo of Linda Ikeji that's got everyone talking...

Not sure when was this snap... But it sure looks like Queen of the Coast kinda picture.

Much love, Aunt LIB