Student wanted to achieve dream 'Kendall Jenner' body, See what she turned out to (Photo)

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Student wanted to achieve dream 'Kendall Jenner' body, See what she turned out to (Photo)

A college student who vowed to look like model Kendall Jenner lost so much weight doctors warned she could die if she took a shower.

Katie Hogg weighed just five stone after starving herself of calories to copy the 21-year-old Kardashian star - whose diet was reportedly 12 cups of detox tea a day and raw vegetables.

The anorexic 20-year-old was eventually admitted to an eating disorder unit where specialists told her she was so weak her heart may fail if she showered due to a fast change in temperature.

But the anorexic student, from Lincoln, has now made a full recovery and is training to compete in bikini competitions.

She said:
“My life was so full of stress and worry – people like Kendall Jenner seemed to have it all.
"I’d pore over her Instagram and social media accounts, dreaming of having stick-thin legs and a gorgeous figure like her."More than anything I wanted a thigh gap like hers.“She was always so cool and in control. I wanted more than anything to be like that.


But as Katy’s thigh gap widened, her friends and teachers began to take notice.

In April 2014, a teacher called Katy into her office and began to question why she looked so gaunt.The concerned teacher phoned home, and Katy’s mom rushed her to their GP.

After being referred to an eating disorder clinic and weighed, it was discovered Katy was underweight at 7st 5lb.

Nurses told Caroline that her daughter was anorexic, and she was put onto a diet plan of 800 calories a day.

And in February this year Katy contacted a personal trainer, determined to improve her body image even more.

She began lifting weights daily, and now eats five meals a day and dreams of competing in bikini competitions.

Katy is now studying to be a personal trainer and dietitian and wants to help other young people suffering from eating disorders.

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Unknown said...

I am 5'6 qnd weight 115lbs, gaining weight has always been a challenge for. I have 3 kids, i thought that maybe once a had children i'd be able to gain weight, but that wasnt the case if anything i'd say the pregnancies took a toll on my weight. A lot of people think being skinny is ideal and for me it has been a curse. To have people make fun of you while in Middle and High school because you dont have the body the other girls do. I have learned to love myself but it wasnt easy.

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